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Year: 2020
Total Records: 4
Riser Twist at Low Altitude
Location: Mount Dora, FL
Date:10/06/2020 Time:17:30
Remarks: I had launched from a regular location and was working to build altitude in order to travel on a cross-country flight. I made a turn which resulted in a considerable amount of energy built up. Instead of letting up on the power and controlling the energy after the turn, I held full power. This re (read more)

Powered parachute crash into trees in Colonial Bea
Location: Colonial Beach, Virginia
Date:09/28/2020 Time:13:00
Remarks: We were on our boat, which faces the road leading into Colonial Beach Yacht Club. We observed a pilot take off from the adjacent beach, and then we returned to work on our boat. Within a minute or two, we heard sirens. I looked out my open boat window and observed the parachute (red) tangled in t (read more)

Midair Collision
Location: Palm Bay, FL
Date:03/22/2020 Time:
Remarks: At the 2020 "Florida Fun Fest" event (see Facebook event page), a landing pattern was established and in use at the north end of the field, where pilots landed to the east. It was well-briefed and understood by participants.

A solo pilot was flying low, northbound along a north/south road o (read more)

Throttle Cable Disconnected from Motor
Location: Mellon Farm, Johnston, CO
Date:01/24/2020 Time:15:00
Remarks: Was practicing my landing approach and was planning to go around. I let the motor idle while I lined up. I was going to be a little short and was lined up directly for a barbed wire fence at about 30 feet AGL. Obviously not good, I went to squeeze the throttle and the trigger was limp. Had to make a (read more)