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Year: 2021
Total Records: 3
Heel prop strike
Location: Syvrud Airport, Brooklyn, Wisconsin
Date:08/22/2021 Time:18:00
Remarks: Takeoff was a forward launch on a very humid, hot, and calm evening down the runway, starting at the end of the runway. Approximately 30 feet down from the the point of inflation, there were some wide divots (~2-4 inches deep) in the grass. Inflation was fine, however there was a minor oscillatio (read more)

Propeller Strike to Jaw and Shoulder
Location: 3008 21st Ave SE, Rio Rancho NM 87124
Date:01/29/2021 Time:
Remarks: Pilot was attempting to start the engine to determine running condition, prior to sale. The safety cage had been removed earlier during disassembly of trike. Engine was mounted to frame which was standing on garage floor. The pilot was standing behind the engine and holding the frame with one arm. (read more)

Pilot jeopardizing people in Dimple Dell Park
Location: Dimple Dell Park, Sandy, Utah
Date:01/01/2021 Time:04:20
Remarks: A paramotor pilot was circling an area of the park where horse riders, dog walkers and individual were present. After being waved off once he/she returned to circle the people. My dog, spooked so badly, she bolted. I could not hold her back. Despite repeated attempts to waive the pilot off and his/h (read more)